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Shereen Mahmoud is an Egyptian Australian Visual Artist based in Brisbane. She was born in Cairo, Egypt 1977 and lived there until she moved to Australia in November 2013.She obtained her Bachelor Of Fine Arts with Honours, and a major in Sculpture from The Faculty Of Fine Arts-Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt in the year 2000. She exhibited her work in many group and solo exhibitions, and taught art through several TV shows in Egypt. She was featured in many publications and on several TV programs in Egypt and The Middle East. Shereen started exhibiting in Australia in late 2016 after settling in Brisbane,  she has exhibited her work internationally in many solo and  group exhibitions and was a finalist in many art competitions.

Shereen`s creative process involves a lot of studying and researching, she is an interdisciplinary artist who is constantly exploring and experimenting with different mediums and forms, integrating them in an unconventional manner and crossing the boundaries between art disciplines including; sculpture, painting, photography, digital, and wearable art. Deriving from her own experiences and reflections on life, her work delves into the human condition, and investigates pain, vulnerability, and  suffering exploring both the fragility and resilience of the human body, mind, and soul, aiming to destroy the social masks, labels,  judgements, and bring more compassion to the world.

Shereen is known for her expressive self-portraits, that incorporates symbolic portrayal of physical and psychological pain. Her work evokes a strong emotional response from the viewers. In her latest body of work she explores the interface between traditional and digital media, integrating several media into one entity; her work blurs the boundaries between painting, photography and digital art.

 “She turns the exhibition space into a panoramic scene, where portraits line up like actors, to be heard. I left the exhibition with images of weird faces still flashing in my head, a poetic experience this was.” Osama Kamal, The Life Of A Beautiful Freak, Alahram Weekly Newspaper,2010.

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